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Monday, April 4

Mirrors never lie

I have come across to myself:Thanksgiving,Christmas,New Year''s Eve,my birthday,and SXSW:They all give me some pounds.. Since mirrors never lie and honestly I do not look like an elephant,but I needed to get real.. So,I went to the supermarket and made it all green......My only weakness is beer..Bottom line. I have been walking like 3 hours everyday..This is not a lie..I have also gotten blisters in my feet.No pain,no gain..So far,even my dentist today has told me she has noticed my weight.. Summer..Hey,You?Summer...You will not get disappointed at me.. I like to compete and I can be my own worst enemy... Five pounds have been lost and I want more... I wanna go back to 125lbs...Which I am not far from this target..I wear size 5.

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